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Portrait S. Grossmann
photo: Didi Sattmann


1957born in Zurich, CH
1977 - 81University of Zurich: languages and history
1981 - 83Employed as a teacher
1983 - 85Attended Schule fuer Gestaltung, (Art School), Zurich, CH
1985 - 90Master School for Engravery and Miniature Sculptures with Prof. Franz Xaver Oelzant, Viennese Academy for Fine Art, A
1990Graduation with Diploma
1996Founding of the gallery „Atrium ed Arte“ in Vienna, A
Lived and worked since then in Vienna, A
Lived and worked since then in Vienna, A

scholarships, prices and orders

1989/90Scholarship from the Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Austria
1990Diploma with first class honours
„Meisterschul“ Prize from the Academy
1991 - 95Ongoing involvement with the dancer and choreographer Bettina Nisoli: Design of the objects „Flügelhut“ and „Grosse Feder“ for the dance performance „Ange passe,“ „Grosses Blatt“ for „Ein Summen im Garten“ and „Faltkofferobjekt“ for „Voyage.“
1994Theater Liberté, Basel, CH
2005/06Scholarship from the Federal Ministry for Science and Art, Austria, for two months in New York, NY, USA
2005/06scholarship for three months in New York, NY, USA
2007Scholarship from the Federal Ministry for Science and Art, Austria, for two months in the Austrian artist’s studio in Ningbo, China
2008Scholarship from the Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll-Duerr-Foundation on Elba, Italy


1993Exhibition with Vincent Mahrer at the Gallery Puls Art, Winterthur, CH
1995Exhibition with Vincent Mahrer as part of „Art in Beethoven House“, Vienna, A
1996Solo exhibition in the 4 U Gallery, Bruck an der Mur, A
1998Exhibition with Claudia Aigner in the Spiess Gallery, Zurich, CH
1999Solo exhibition in the „Litera“ Gallery, Prague, CZ
1999„Cityscapes“ with Grazyna Gotz and Vincent Mahrer in the „Round Tower“, Copenhagen, DK
2000Soloexhibition in the „Ècole de beaux-art“ in Besançon, F
2001Exhibition with Vincent Mahrer in the WUK, Vienna, A as part of „CH in A – Switzerland in Austria“, „Fragile Architektur-Skulptur“ (fragile architectural sculpture), Amerlinghaus, Vienna, A
2002„Beyond“, with Ona B., Austrian Library, Pilsen, CZ
2003„Iseyoshi“ Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
2004Austrian Cultural Forum, Tokyo, Japan
2004Lilian Andrée Gallery, with Claudine Leroy, Riehen near Basel, CH
2004Aktion Museum M, with Kurt Straznicky, Barockschloessl Mistelbach, A
2005Espace PR 36, mit F & D Cartier, Neuchâtel, CH
2005„Räume und Figuren“ (spaces and figures), „ Oxyd“ Gallery with René Fehr-Biscioni, Annatina Graf, Thomas Rutherford und Kurt Straznicky, Winterthur, CH
2007„Chinese Window“, Galerie Pendel, Waidhofen/Ybbs, A
2007„Chinese Window“, Galerie Litera, Prag, CZ
2007Objects and Photographies, Ningbo Museum of Art, Ningbo, PR China
2009„Water: Life“, with Barbara Bernsteiner, Rittersaal Stift Millstatt, A
2010Galerie allerArt, Remise Bludenz, with Barbara Bernsteiner, Bludenz, Vorarlberg, A
2010„Where water and land join“, with Alfred Graf, Gallery Arcade, Mödling, A
2010„Losinj – Island between sky and sea“, Nerezine, photographs
2011„elementar“, Gallery Ulrike Hrobsky, with Nadja Hlavka, Vienna, A
2011Gallery Rieder, Munich, Germany
2013„Photography“, Galerie Blaugelbe Zwettl, Zwettl, A
2014Gallery Hrobsky, with Nadja D. Hlavka, Vienna


1988Participant in the First Sculptor’s Symposium in Zwettl in Lower Austria.
Sale of the sculpture made during the symposium to the City of Zwettl.
1989Competition Exhibition: Design of a trophy for the Austrian Museum Prize, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
1989Exhibition by four artists in the Academy Gallery in Horn, Lower Austria
1994Participant in the „Papierkunst Schweiz“ travelling exhibition: Berne - Vilnius - Tallin - Riga - Moskow
1994Participant in the third International Sculptor’s Symposium, „Die Bruecke von Andau“ (the bridge of Andau), Burgenland, A.
1994Participant in the International Symposium for Visual Artists entitled „We are tolerant“, initiated by the Charta 77 Foundation, Bratislava, SK
1995Siegkristenkeller Gallery, Buelach, CH
1995exhibition in the women’s tramway, Zurich, CH
1996Station 3 Gallery, „Foto hoch 3“ (photo raised to 3 dimensions), Vienna, A.
1996„Raum plus“ (space plus), group exhibition in the Kornhaus, Bern, CH
1996„Taeuschungen“ (illusions) group exhibition in the former Kunsthalle, Zurich, CH
1997„Nature morte“ group exhibition in the Lilian Andrée Gallery, Basel, CH
1998„Raum!“ (space!) group exhibition in the K¸nstlerhaus, Vienna, A
1998Group exhibition in the „Station 3“ Gallery, Vienna, A
2001„Schweizer Art II“, Zürich Kosmos, Vienna, A (also curator)
2001„Licht-Feld“, Basel, CH
2002„Skulptur 2002“, Fuerstenfeld, A
2002„Licht-Feld 2“, Basel, CH
2002„Open 2002“, international exhibition of sculptures and installations, Lido Venice, Italy, as representant of Austria
2003Eginu Gallery, Gifu, Japan
2003„Beyond“ Galerie Sikoronja, Rosegg, A
2003„Lichtfeld 3„, Basel, CH
2004„Lichtfeld 4“, internationale Gruppenausstellung, Basel, CH
2005„Lichtfeld 5“, Basel, CH
2005Sikoronja Gallery „Isonzo“, Rosegg, A
2006„Lichtfeld 6“, Basel, CH
2006„Beyond – darüber hinaus“, Palais Epstein, Wien
2007„Zeitsprung“, Gallery 42, Allentsteig, Lower Austria, A
2007„Six3“, Schafschetzy Gallery, Graz, Styria, A
2007„Lichtfeld 7“, Basel, CH
2008Akad. d. Wissenschaften, zum Symposium „Wissenschaft und Ästhetik“, Wien
2008„ZeitRaumZeit“, „TimeSpaceTime“, Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2008„traces, Erinnerung in Fotografien“, Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2008„ZeitRaumZeit», „TimeSpaceTime“, Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, A
2009„Very cloudy – fugitive phenomenons of the sky“, Museum auf Abruf, Vienna A
2009„different.ways.2.SCULPTURES“, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, A
2009„different.ways.2.SCULPTURES“, Künstlerhaus Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, A
2011Gallery Prisma, Artist's association Bozen, Bozen, Italy
2013„Horror vacui“, exhibition for Bodo Hell, k/haus Vienna
2013“TransAlpin”, Sihlquai 55 and Schoffelgasse 10, Zurich, Switzerland. Organisation and curation of an exchange project between the Künstlerhaus Vienna and visarte Zurich (catalogue)
2014Organisation and curation of the Symposium "between land and water on the island Lošinj, Croatia
2014Exhibition "Between land and water", Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2014„Räume zwischen Land und Wasser”, Ausstellung im Künstlerhaus Wien; Organisation und Kuratierung, mit österreichischen und kroatischen KünstlerInnen (Katalog)
2015„Realise & Resist“, Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael, Palazzo Zenobio, 56th Biennale of Venice



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